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Provide your clients with beautiful, in-depth, interactive reports, powerful and precise analytics, and AI driven forecasts and analysis, while keeping your data in the tools you're familiar with.

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That's all it takes to ensure your sensitive documents are retained for 7 years, with full backups, auditability and traceability.

Clients still using paper processes?

Our Document and Scan Management system enables you to easily process, store, and retrieve millions of document scans, complete with OCR, Barcoding and Searchable PDFs. Combined with our cloud document retention and management, this enables you to safely digitise and retain records for as long as you need, complete with full traceability.

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All of our packages come as standard with top of the line security features, including Multi-Factor Authentication, and fine-grained access permissions, so only the people who need access to data have access to your customers data.

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Highly Compliant

Our Solutions are based on one of the worlds most compliant platforms, with more certifications than any other Public Cloud. GDPR, FCA, PCI - No problem.

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Our solutions give you the experience you expect from Modern IT - Access your data (securely) from anywhere, on any device.