IT Asset Management Overview
More than just keeping track.

IT Asset Management sounds like quite possibly one of the least interesting things on the planet, but it can help a business keep control and track it's resources, and provide some additional benefits to an organisation.

Broadly speaking, IT Asset Management is keeping track of all your IT assets, PCs, Laptops, Smartphones, even Keyboards and Mice in some organisations.

This is usually achieved by Asset Tagging, applying a unique, machine readable label to each asset, which links to a database entry containing all of the information on that asset.

That can range from just a Make and Model, to serial numbers, performance information, even the make, model and serial number of each stick of RAM.

This enables your IT provider to quickly and easily order replacement parts, and keep track on recurring problems. This means that you get better service overall. Additionally, Warrantee and Depreciation information can be stored, providing you with a simple notification when your assets are out of warrantee, or nearly due for a renewal. Depreciation reports enable you to have an accurate view of the worth of your Assets, and your accountants will thank you for it!

Another benefit in larger organisations, is keeping track of who uses which device. Asset Management solutions can provide the ability for users to make a request for new devices, or accessories, and that device to be assigned to that person. This helps to reduce loss, manage refresh cycles, and improve efficiency, as users can simply put in a request as and when they need it.

IT+X has a complete IT Asset Management Solution that we provide free to our MSP Clients, and at a minimal charge to Break-Fix Clients. We can provide an in-depth asset report, and online portal, allowing you to better understand your own infrastructure. To find out more get in touch.

IT Asset Management Overview
Joseph Morris
3 August, 2020
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