Old Dog, New Tricks
Some of the mistaken ideas we've come across

For Small businesses,

technology adoption often lags behind the larger and more established businesses, and this will always be the case. Newer and more advanced technology will always be more expensive, and small businesses just don't have the budget. However, for an increasing number of technologies we're starting to see that pattern fade away. You no longer need to buy a super-computer from IBM or build a datacentre to make use of the latest and greatest, as the scale and low cost of the cloud make it trivial to roll out technology to a mass audience.

So why has technology adoption in small businesses still lagged behind so much? We think a lot of businesses simply don't know the solutions out there. Here's a couple reasons we've heard:

We don't need anything fancy.

This is normally true, in that the company won't go bankrupt without improvement. However what many small business owners miss out on, is the opportunity cost of not using modern technology.
Yes, you can get by with existing systems, however if you take into account how much more time you would have to be productive and earning money with a more modern and efficient system, it quickly becomes a no-brainer.

Just taking into account a PC, research conducted on behalf of Microsoft found that replacing a 4 year old PC with a new one could save over £1000 per computer per year. Our research and calculations show most small businesses could see a 250% or higher return on investment on modern technology infrastructure.

My (Grandchild/Niece/Nephew/Friend's child) does the computers.

Many micro and small businesses rely on non-professional IT systems or support. While this may be cost-effective in the very short term, it quickly becomes untenable. We've seen multiple businesses cite this reason for not updating their systems, leading to frequent issues, security vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, excessive spending, and even data loss or breaches.

A knowledgeable and professional IT team or service (nudge nudge) can help you simultaneously save money, while improving reliability and productivity, and it needn't be expensive.

We're a traditional manufacturing company. We don't need computers.

Traditional manufacturing areas could be considered one of the areas whereas a technology upgrade can have the greatest impact. In traditional manufacturing environments, information flow is slow, so making decisions is also slowed down, and without accurate insights into the state of processes, stock levels, and machinery, decisions are often made on too little information.

By adopting a ERP or MRP solution, not only do you get the ease of management and reduction in overhead, you also get real-time analytics and insights into the performance of your business. For instance, get real-time KPIs updated continuously, and alerts on exceptions, so you can react faster.

Further, by making use of cloud technologies, and advances in AI, we can help make correlations about your business, and make predictive insights and suggestions, to take into consideration in your decision making process. By leveraging this capability, KPIs and alerts can be enhanced with pre-emptive alerts, warning you of upcoming issues before they happen.

In addition, making use of technology for worker training can reduce training time and errors significantly.

So what's out there?

What we call "Modern IT Management" or "Modern IT Systems", is a catch-all term for making use of technology that traditionally SMB's haven't had access to, or have been prohibitively expensive. A few examples are:

  • Customer Relationship Management or Enterprise Resource Planning

    • Manage your buisness and your customers more effectively with a fully integrated solution such as Dynamics 365.

  • Mobile Device Management

    • Secure Mobile devices and Laptops for use my employees anywhere, and enable Bring Your Own Device.

  • Business Analytics and AI Insights

    • Continuously updated and real-time KPIs and alerting, with in-depth drill-   down abilities.    

  • Internet of Things for real-time data capture

    • Update your buisness data in realtime, and capture events or failures as they happen.

  • Unified Communications and VoIP

    • Communicate with co-workers more effectively, from any device, from anywhere on the planet.

  • Cloud Based Infrastructure

    • Scale your IT systems with your company in a secure and cost effective manner.

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    Old Dog, New Tricks
    Joseph Morris
    6 July, 2020
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