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eDiscovery at the scale of Cloud

Using extensive eDiscovery and Legal Hold features, we can help you find that needle in a haystack, even amongst millions of documents or emails.
Additionally, our Document Management software can automatically, scan, OCR, index, and tag paperwork, making it accessible to our, or any third party, eDiscovery Software.

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Security, Compliance, and Data Protection

Ensure your clients communications or data is kept secure, with out extensive security offering. From automatic email encryption, to sophisticated document identification and classification, to top of the line anti-virus, IT+X has a security solution for you.
All of our services are hosted with the worlds most compliant cloud solution.

Document Retention and Archiving

Archive records and documents for as long as you need, with full backups, auditability and traceability. Our Document retention solution can be applied in just two clicks, retaining your documents for just as long as you need, and optionally removing them after a set period.

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All of our packages come as standard with top of the line security features, including Multi-Factor Authentication, and fine-grained access permissions, so only the people who need access to data have access to your customers data.

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Highly Compliant

Our Solutions are based on one of the worlds most compliant platforms, with more certifications than any other Public Cloud. GDPR, FCA, PCI - No problem.

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Our solutions give you the experience you expect from Modern IT - Access your data (securely) from anywhere, on any device.