IT+X has specific services just for Manufacturers and Light Industry.

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MRP and Shop Floor Management

Gain insight into your manufacturing performance. Our full ERP system includes Manufacturing specific functionality, enabling live analytics and KPI feedback, AI based analysis and forecasting. Automate processes, reduce paperwork, and improve productivity in all manufacturing requirements. Get in touch for a demo!

IoT Development and Integration

In addition to IT services, IT+X also offers custom IoT Device development and integration. We can retrofit most industrial machinery or process equipment with intelligent sensors or actuators. This enables further insights, predictive maintenance, and live machine dashboards.

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Stock Tracking and Warehouse Management

IT+X has delivered fully custom Stock Tracking and Warehouse Management Solutions. Batch, Bin, or even Part level tracking for millions of parts, across multiple warehouses, with pick and put optimisation, and support for Barcoding, DPM, or even RFID systems. Anything is possible with a custom solution from IT+X.