Microsoft 365

A combination of the worlds #1 office productivity suite, enterprise grade security and compliance, and the best of Windows and the Cloud, allowing you to do your best work from anywhere.

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we can help you on your cloud journey

For Small to Medium Businesses, the features and setup of email and office systems can be daunting. IT+X can help you from the very first step. We can provide a free audit of your existing systems, and identify the best products and options for you. From there, we can be with you every step of the way, from configuration to support. We can setup your Microsoft 365 systems exactly to your specifications, or let us do the hard work and relax as your systems work for you. We are able to support every business need, from cafes to corporations.

For small businesses and start-ups, the landscape of IT services has changed. No longer do you need expensive servers, complicated networks or dedicated staff. We can work with you to reduce upfront Capital expenditure and provide a responsive and flexible service.

Many businesses are scared of SaaS and Cloud services, such as Microsoft 365. Often this comes from a fear of losing their data, or having their accounts hacked. This need not be the case. With IT+X, we can provide a full security solution, and compliance with GDPR, FCA, and more. We can provide full end to end security and reporting, and a monthly security report, showing your current security posture, and possible improvement actions.

For those in regulated industries, we can provide a full compliance suite, including Data Loss Prevention, Information Rights Management, Retention policies and much more. We can even use the latest in machine learning to identify where sensitive data may be about to be lost, and instantly protect you. With Modern Device Management, you can even securely access sensitive documents in the field, in a securely controlled and authenticated manner. We can also remotely wipe sensitive information from lost devices, or prevent it from being stored in the first place. We can provide a Compliance Score for most regulatory frameworks, showing you exactly where you need to be for your acceptable risk factor, and suggesting improvement actions.

All of this is on-top of the worlds #1 office productivity suite, remote working and collaboration features, cloud storage, business email, and more.

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IT Plus X is a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider