Still Using Paper Documents?

IT+X supplies Document and Scan Management solutions to help you digitise, organise, index, and retrieve documents, from Small Business to Enterprise.


SimpleIndex is a easy to use document management solution ideally suited for SMBs. From Invoice Processing to Legal Document management, Form Digitisation and more.

As an Authorized Distributor, IT+X can assist with identifying the correct implementation, configuring, and providing ongoing support when needed.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Works with your favourite apps

Our SimpleIndex implementation includes SharePoint Integration, allowing you to access data in the full suite of Microsoft applications and Cloud Services.

Custom Configured for You

We work with you and your staff to configure our solution to fit you and your processes.  From OCR to Barcoding, from Invoices to QC sheets, we can help you with it all. If you wish, we can can also provide recommendations on streamlining your processes and data processing.

Odoo • Text and Image